Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ultimate Herpes Protocol - The collapse of the immune system – causes

Like any complicated device immune system is vulnerable. Its effectiveness is closely interlinked with the condition of the central nervous system. So if stress can be observed weakening of immunity. This condition is expressed in heightened receptivity to all kinds of viral, bacterial and look Mycotic infections.

Other reasons for the collapse of the immune system may be severe injuries, Burns, cancer, protein malnutrition, chronic diseases, etc.

Often, the drug treatment of a disease can cause damage to the immune system/documentation. Drug/disease. An example of this is the continued treatment with corticosteroids, and with some antibiotics. Application of cytotoxic drugs also may confuse the immune response and to upset the balance in the body.

Sometimes instead of to protect the immune system damages the body. These destructive reactions are known as hypersensitivity reactions or allergic reactions. In this sense, the allergies are abnormally heightened immune response.Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Essentially defensive reactions and those of svr″hčuvstvitelnostta are the same on its mechanism. In some reactions svr″hčuvstvitelnostta appears after a few minutes. A typical example of this is the shock when the anesthetic, for which the patient is not test van and to which he turns out to be allergic. In many cases, however, the immune system's tolerance to their antigens * suddenly disappears. Create conditions for immune response against "theirs", i.e. develop Autoimmunity in which immune cells exhibit aggressiveness to the tissues of your body and they perceive them as foreign. As a result develop autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, time-sclerosis, Lupus Erythematous, hemolytic anemia.

The most sinister diseases of the century – cancer and AIDS, have a direct relationship to the immune system. Modern medicine has established a relationship between the immunization abilities of the body and the development of tumor diseases. They develop more violently when immunity is weakened. The damaged immune system released from his control tumor cells and they begin to grow uncontrollably.

Radiotherapy and radiotherapy with cytotoxic agents, in most cases, have imunode presiven effect and therefore for doctors it is important to be aware of whether the patient's immune system is retained. Depending on deciding how to use these methods of treatment in each case.

When the disease of AIDS/acquired immune deficiency syndrome/immune deficiency occurs as a result of infection with a retrovirus. The body is not able to protect even the most banal, most innocent infections.

A person can be born with deficient immune system. This is the so-called. Congenital immune deficiency. It can also be transmitted by inheritance and to manifest suddenly, without being able to identify the specific reasons for this. Infringements usually only affect t-lymphocytes, or b lymphocytes and very rarely in combination.

The most common are cases of people born with immature thymus or inability to develop antibodies. Usually this imbalance of the immune system is diagnosed in early childhood.

The diagnosis of immune deficiency

In the health center "gift" is used a computerized IRIS diagnosis, which allows timely and accurate diagnosis of immune deficiency. Modern medicine provides additional means of diagnosis through numerous tests and methods for diagnosticians: counting the cells, determining their differentiation, establishing their functional fitness, Roentgen, a biopsy of the lymph nodes, skin samples, measuring the level of serum immunological and others.

In Immunology čužderodnoto substance called Antigen, and Allergy allergen.